Art by Kristen Rimmel

I attend Kendall College of Art and Design, majoring in Illustration. I hope to one day become a concept designer and comic book creator.

Late sketch from last night ✏️📒

Really cool news, guys: I got featured on the Redbubble home page today!!! And I made my first sticker sale, which was really cool, even if I only get $0.40 out of it haha.

you can buy more stickers of mine here :)

Quick 30 minute sketch before my first classes today. Bought frnkiero & the celebration’s album, and holy good music batman, it’s fantastic. Can’t recommend it enough.

got a haircut and it makes me want to wear dresses ~~

An art trade with my bud Rachel! Drew little Ruby for her, she’s drawing Freya for me <3

quick speed paint from last night

ref: [x]

heh kinda got carried away with this one! i just love when the colours get purpley/pink outside at night

i think i had her too at one point! such a cutie <3

Hey guys! I’m in the mood for Animal Crossing requests (in game characters only, please) so if you wanna see one of your favourite villagers, message me here and i’ll get to it!

art trade with my friend Gab <33 Deramon is such a little cutie !!