Art by Kristen Rimmel

I attend Kendall College of Art and Design, majoring in Illustration. I hope to one day become a concept designer and comic book creator.

I’ve finally made a proper commission sheet! I’m opening them up because I’m getting pretty tight on money right now and any commission would be greatly appreciated. At the moment (july 24th) I have ten slots available. please message me here if you’re interested, or reblog to signal boost!

I’ve kinda been working on this all day ^^; I haven’t done a full body image in so long, but i’m super happy with how this came out. i’m sure there are still a bunch of flaws, but i’m always open to helpful criticism :)

Anyways, just Delilah posing in her PJs

fun pokemon art trade with  :)

Been playin’ Animal Crossing a lot lately~

I’m adopting a kitty soon! I’m getting him from a shelter near my house. He’s a 5 yr old orange tabby and is as sweet as can be. Just have to wait 2 more weeks until i move into my new home to bring him back. I’m going to name him Oliver after Oliver and Company. I’m so excited!!

more kitties

kitty speed paint


Something I’ve maybe been working on for the past uhm… 7 hours? hah wow that seems like a long time. but it’s a correctly dimensioned version of a wardrobe I have that I’m modifying to also become a cat perch! I’m planning on keeping the big box area for my clothes, then cutting out the hole you see in the right shelves for a scratching post and holes to climb up the shelves. I’m not sure if i’m going to continue to add in all the details for the scratching post and toys and carpeting and such, it was mainly a fun lighting exercise. 

working on some How To Train Your Dragon 2 fanart :)


Character or… a Ship, maybe?

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