Art by Kristen Rimmel

I attend Kendall College of Art and Design, majoring in Illustration. I hope to one day become a concept designer and comic book creator.

my friend asked me to draw him yesterday, so i did 

character sketch

hey if you guys wanna send me more Animal Crossing requests, I’ll sketch some out today!

again, just in-game characters please!

Made another save file on my ACNL game last night :) named him Chandler (i’m re-watching FRIENDS for the millionth time) I’m making his house into a cute little Inn.

more of Tommy and Noa <3 loved their chemistry so much had to keep drawing them

Noa belongs to GPinos

A suuuuper fun art trade I did with GPinos on deviantart of my OC Tommy (left) and her OC Noa (right)
he’s really interesting to draw and i feel like they would definitely be great drinking buddies.
really hoping we can do another trade again sometime soon! <33

here’s GPinos's half!: [x]

Inktober day 2!

happy inktober!! I’m so stoked you guysss


this is actually Gerard’s hand i referenced in a doodle-gone-farther-than-intended heh

x x

Spooked Gabe sketch