Art by Kristen Rimmel

I attend Kendall College of Art and Design, majoring in Illustration. I hope to one day become a concept designer and comic book creator.

a quick WIP of a little animation loop i’m working on :)

Cam doodles~~

Also here have a Bubbline sketch I never finished.

Sketches of how I would like to start drawing Tommy now. I actually do draw him a lot but he never looks the same and it’s extremely frustrating. But at least I have these.

3 hour figure drawing on toned paper with black and white charcoal

quick doodle from the other night

early morning doodle

Quick drawing tonight! Felt like drawing one of my favourite pups, my sister’s dog Ranger. He’s a basenji/lab mix and i love this guy so much. 

my first attempt with Flash! We had to do a PSA sort of thing, so I chose gender equality. Sorry I couldn’t fit more symbols in, I could only go up to so many frames :) Hope you guys like it!

also that’s not a real link heh

Delilah sketches